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A game developed for #pidayjam.

Experience the irrational psychedelic experience of traveling through an infinite number! Explore the open world... of more than 8000 digits of PI (in hexadecimal base, because that makes for a nice 4x4 grid!), used as a base to generate this arcadey game where you simply need to stay alive as long as possible while faster and faster walls come slam into you and the eerie electronic sound of the number itself plays in the background.

The game for now is very basic, but I'd like to add some elements - a scoreboard, maybe a "navigator" to begin from a definite position in the number. As it is I think it's also possible to get it to glitch - if you last REALLY LONG. But I don't think it's humanly possible to last that long anyway...


Move with arrows

Enter to confirm (in menu)

Esc to commit suicide/quit